Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Only $ 19,95!

The Bladefin basslet, Jeboehlkia gladifer, which is rarely being offered for sale in the aquariumtrade, is an incredible reef fish. It's only about 3 cm (1.5 inches) long and probably one of the most expensive reef fish that has ever been offered to the aquarium hobby. An adult specimen will approximately cost you $ 8,000.-. That makes roughly $ 5,000.- an inch!

J. gladifer was described from a single, mature female specimen collected in the Caribbean at 165 meters depth  (approx. 550 feet). This is also the reason for the incredibly high cost of this bladefin basslet. Catching fish at depths of 150 meters depth raises costs. It's striking white and red coloration make it very attractive. The elongated dorsal fin distinguish Jeboehlkia from Liopropoma species. Even larvae show this remarkable elongated fin (Baldwin,1991).

Bit short on money? No worries, a T-shirt with the painted fish (the image at this blog) will only cost you $ 19,95... 

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