Friday, March 9, 2018

Der Hans

Peacock cihlids are some of the most beloved fish in the aquariumhobby. This species, Aulonocara baenschi, was named for a man whose family contributed a lot to this hobby; in all kinds of ways .Hans Albrecht Baensch (September 10, 1941 - November 2, 2016) worked for his father's company: Tetra GmbH. That's right, Ulrich Baensch was the 'inventor' of Tetramin. He was the first to market universal dry food (or staple food) for the aquariumtrade. No matter how many brands have flooded the aquariumtrade; I am sure every aquarist has used his products at least once.

Hans Baensch worked and traveled around the world for Tetra. But he is best remembered by his publications. In 1977 he founded Mergus Verlag, home of the famous Aquarium Atlas which nowadays has 26 volumes including books on fresh and salt water; garden ponds; terrariumhobby and fossils. In the first edition of the Atlas (1985) M.K. Meyer and R. Riehl described this greatlooking yellow and blue Peacock Cichlid, which they hamed for Hans Baensch. In 1987 Meyer, Riehl and Zetzsche named another cichlid in his honor: Aulonocara hansbaenschi; however this species has been synonimsed by Konings (2016) with A. stuartgranti; named for another well known man in the aquariumhobby, especially amongst cichlidophiles.

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