Ah! I love fish. Love to see them. Love to keep them. Breed them, paint them, eat them... (ouch, sorry for that...). Oh yeah, I love fish in each and every way.
A fish a day? There are hardly enough days per year to keep up with the descriptions of newly discovered species, as every year about 200 - 400 new species of fish are described. (Source: Catalog of Fish / Eschmeyer & Fong). Some with beautiful colours. Some with strange habits, or found in strange habitats. And some hardly recognisable as fish. So, even if I would make a drawing every day, it would only be a glimpse of the more than 33,000 species known today. 

The fish in the logo does not exist. (Yeah, right, a great way to start...). However it's based on a real pipefish. A relative of the well known seahorses.

I will present a new illustration of a fish every week. Either drawn on paper or painted on canvas. The paintings will take some more time, as I use acrylics mixed with sand. Water and sand, a peculiar combination? Probably makes you wonder: 'Who's the real queer fish?'. Well, try to find out by reading the posts on this blog!

So... This is not 'a painting a day' blog. The blog entries of 'A Queer Fish' are weekly illustrations and short stories; all about fish. Queer fish. Strange and exotic fish, 'described' in words and vision by Eduard Meinema.

Like to have some more fun? Prints, mugs and other cool fish stuff based on my blog entries are available at my printshop.

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