Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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I've been working on a small sculpture lately, based on the beautiful "Copperband Butterflyfish" or Chelmon rostratus. These long beaked coral fish, are found in thePacific and Indian Ocean, fluttering around coral reefs.

Copperbands are easily identified by the yellow banding and long snout, their compressed, deep-bodied form, long dorsal and posterior fins and most of all the typical, vertical yellow stripes on a greyish-white background.

First designs of my sculpture not only emphasize the long and slender snout, but also the ocellus (dark eye-spot) on the dorsal fin. As the sculpture isn't meant to be a realistic image, I have played with the Copperband's specific characters by enlarging the snout and pelvic fins and cutting out the ocellus and one of the vertical bands.
The long beak is used to eat invertebrates, hidden within coral rock. One of the main reasons of its popularity in the aquarium trade as it also eats glass anemones, Aiptasia, which is considered a plague in the marine aquarium. The long needle-like beak inspired me to name the sculpture  'Lance' (as in 'lancet'). 

As the sketches hereby indicate, it will be available in several color patterns. Size approximately 20cm. 

Multicolored ID's of the image above are available in mu ETSY-shop. ID's, short for Identicals, are handmade copies, similar to the orginal., handmade and therefor not 100% identical but they are 100% original!
Note this series of copies is limited to 30 ID´s.

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