Saturday, April 28, 2018

Oh Rhads... Adult coloring

The hype or craziness about coloring books for adults seems to be done these days. Too bad, as these fish would be perfect candidates for anyone willing to create their own Rainbowfish. And you know what? No matter what colors you will add to the black and white drawing; there is a high probability your own design may be found in nature. How's that? 

This blog refers to Rhadinocentrus ornatus; Australian Rainbowfish shortly referred to as Rhads. A fish that has been quite popular in the early 1900's. Easy to keep and easy to breed. Pretty little fish (hardly exceeding 7cm length) and the only species in the monotypical family Rhadinocentrus. That's right a family with only one species. One species, but incredibly variable in coloration. Not only does this species differ in coloration in between habitats; even specimens from the same locality can show differences in coloration (as can be seen in the photos of Peter Hansler, showing red and blue morphs, males, from Snapper Creek, Queensland). So, there you are. Give it a try and create your own color morph of Rhads.

Rhadinocentrus belongs to the colorful Rainbowfish. The genus has been described in 1914 by Regan as it differs from other Rainbowfish by the soft finrays. The scientific name is based on the Greek words 'rhadinos' (soft or flexible) and 'kentron' (sting). 
The color morph I painted originates from Carland Creek, Queensland.

Want to give it a try yourself? Print the coloring plate and have fun!

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